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We at GLOBETRUCKERS UK understand the issues within our industry regarding peoples mental state whilst working in such a high pressure industry such as the transport and logistics sector,

we want you to know that you are not alone,

As drivers ourselves for many years we understand the positions and pressures the industry can have on , family, home and financial life, and for a lot of you out there sometimes the solitary life can make this hard to deal with,

some of us have been there already and it can be a dark and lonely place,

We have a support line in place through MIND,

you can contact if you feel the need to do so,

it is better to talk to somebody who can listen than to bottle it all up inside,

the number below is a support line for you to call if you feel things are just too much to bare and you need to reach out,

PLEASE USE IT, its free to call anytime, night or day.

 MIND infoline 0300 123 3393

MIND legal line 0300 466 6463

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