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The Globe Truckers Team.

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Welcome to the Globe Truckers UK.


Our charity is built purposefully by drivers to help drivers,

Globe Truckers was initially set up in 2019 in order to help injured and disabled HGV and other professional drivers who have ultimately ended up falling by the wayside. They will have been left feeling disenfranchised, used, abandoned and kicked to the kerb left with no reconciliation whatsoever. 


Unfortunately this situation is all too familiar to this charity's founders.  

We, at Globe Truckers UK personally have also struggled to access any help through no fault of our own and therefore we have experienced the feeling of the transport industry "turning its back on us" in our darkest hour, when you are actually more likely need the industries support, than you ever have before.

Truck drivers, in reality, face many added risks on top of the high risk of physical driving, including  some extremely alarming correlations to numerous types of cancers and other ailments such as diabetes, strokes, heart disease, high blood pressure and deep vein thrombosis.

Moreover, in accordance to the UK's office for national statistics an average of 1040 drivers who drive for a living are killed annually whilst carrying out there work as a professional driver.


Other additional figures to consider is that.........

around 11,960 professional drivers per year unfortunately sustain some form of minor to major level of injuries whist carrying out their daily duties.


These figures are difficult to comprehend and obviously the detrimental effects will cascade down the recipients entire support circle causing a substantial ripple effect that would inevitably further extended to the families of these drivers who are impacted as an unfortunate result of those injuries or fatalities.


These dedicated but risk laden drivers are the lifeblood of our functioning society and they have to withstand and coexist alongside an incredible amount of constant and ongoing extreme personal risk.


With regards to recent times, professional drivers had also held a very important role to sustain society's supply lines during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic without so much as a second thought to their own safety and some of them unfortunately paid for this with their own lives.

Globe Truckers UK wants to be there to help professional drivers when they need us the most, and rightly so, we as a country should look after our fallen members of the transport network and Globe Truckers is commissioned to do just that with its ongoing goal whilst further striving for sustainability and at the same time helping rehabilitate disabled HGV drivers via adapted vehicles.

thank you so much for your time and kindest of possible regards,

The Globe Truckers Team!

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