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Blood Sweat N Gears 2

Charity Fundraising Weekend
27th & 28th August 2022
        10.30 am - 11.00 pm
Binton Social Club, Binton, Warwickshire CV37 9TU

Blood Sweat N Gears festival was created to raise awareness and funds for Globetruckers U.K the non profit charity for the HGV industry who help people who suffer from disabilities, long-term illness and support families coping with bereavement.
The event is centred around motor engineering: trucks, cars, bikes, tractors, vans and all classic, retro, modified and customised vehicles.
There was A Great Magical act from Angus Baskerville and live music from Mattshisname, MAJOR MINOR on Saturday and Sunday we we also had a dog show and then treated to great music by bands from Magnalium,Orange River Remedy, Torque, Traction &  DIRTY DC (The AC/DC tribute band) on Sunday. Bigger and better than BLOOD SWEAT N GEARS FEST 1. Globetruckers UK would like to say a big thank you to everybody who came together to make this happen and everybody who attended the weekend, The charity managed to raise a total of £1325 plus advertising sponsorship from MTES transport on their trailers which means a great deal for the charity, again Thank you all.
Globetruckers UK team.
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Ride in an American Big Rig with this unique business showcasing American Trucks. Fulfil your life long dream !

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This Warwickshire based professional magician will delight and astound you. 

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