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I worked as a key worker in the haulage industry. I was a lorry driver in the u.k.

Unfortunately i was injured in an accident when a pallet wieghing 1 ton fell off the back of my lorry on to me as i was attempting a delivery in Aberystwyth, I suffered life changing injuries including :



This meant that i now have to use a walking stick to help me walk and i can't stand for very long either. I also have to have my right arm constantly in a sling and put up with unbearable back pain in my upper back. 

I could never get any financial help from my employer or any other agency due to the small print of my employment contract, stating that 'no customers are allowed on the vehicle at any time'

I was refused any compensation due to this formality. My boss at the time threatened me with my job on that particular day due to the delivery almost being late by 10 minutes due to traffic and told me to drop the job before this particular one, Making the delivery even more difficult as i had to work around the pallet from the cancelled job.

As a result of this i now cant do anything , this has totally ruined my life to the degree where i have tried taking my own life on two separate occasions.

I feel let down by the industry that i devoted all my working life to and also constantly have nightmares about an accident that i witnessed on the M6 in birmingham where 3 children were fataly injured in an exeptionally adverse traffic accident more or less right at the side of my vehicle .

I just wish there was more help available for the hard working people of our industry that fall between the cracks due to discrepancys and (red tape) and insurance companies that duck their responsibilities.

Thank you for hearing my story.


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